About me


Aloha nō, I’m Taylor Kekai M. Ho.

Born and raised with a Native Hawaiian upbringing in Hawai‘i now living in San Francisco I am a firm believer that you cannot succeed without aloha. Back home, it’s written into law*.

I contain multitudes through my heritage: Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and German. I am a product of generations of mixing cultures, languages, and traditions.

My professional approach has been shaped by my upbringing.

I am a UX designer. I am a front-end engineer. I am a visual artist. I am a leader. I am a mentor. I am a community organizer.

A full stack individual, perhaps. Thus, over the last 15+ years, I’ve humbly developed areas of professional expertise:


  • Interaction and interface design
  • Visual design
  • Design Systems
  • Accessibility/inclusive design
  • Information architecture


  • User research & data analysis
  • A/B testing & experiementation


  • Prototyping & rapid iteration
  • Front-end (React, Typescript, NextJS, Tailwind)
  • Responsive web


  • Design strategy and vision
  • Cross-functional leadership
  • Mentoring & team development

Along with that, my work thrives when I carry a few core values:

Bridge disciplines

Connect design excellence with innovative technology.

Lead with vision

Guide teams and initiatives toward a shared purpose.

Collaborate intentionally

Partner across roles, valuing every perspective.

Embrace diversity

Champion the benefits of inclusivity and indigenous representation.

Create without bounds

Push beyond conventional tools and methods.

Be curious

Always ask questions, forge a path, and get to answers.

Have fun

Embrace the joy of learning and creating.

Advocate for what’s right

Pursue the greater good, even when it’s hard.

Embrace iteration

Never underestimate the benefit of a good prototype; always iterate and refine.

Have a project to discuss or an opportunity to collaborate?